Since 2006 I’ve worked with a wide range of monitoring tools. From small to large and from open source to purchased solutions. During those years I’ve seen new vendors come and old ones go. And after 10 years the old monitoring methods have changed their form but still get the same results.

All that experience has made it possible for me to consider strategically which tools are the best for me and which offer the best solution for 80% of the market. I’ve opted for 1 synthetic monitoring product: HP AppPulse Active. Also for 1 product that offers real user monitoring, component monitoring and application performance monitoring in one: AppDynamics. Finally, I’ve chosen Splunk as the manager-of-managers, but also as a security and log monitoring solution.

In the future I’m planning to add another component monitoring solution for companies that prefer not to use AppDynamics.

If the product you use is not included here, that doesn’t mean that I have nothing to offer you. See my services for a possible partnership.

For Splunk and AppDynamics I work together with SMT in Zoetermeer, which is a direct partner of these two parties. I tackle HP AppPulse Active myself.