The application, servers and network devices in your IT infrastructure continuously generate valuable data for IT management and security. But it turns out in practice that using the data is very difficult and takes a lot of time. This is because the data is often spread out over the various departmental silos and technologies.

splunk-logoWelcome Splunk!

The core of the Splunk platform enables you to:

  • Collect data centrally from all locations – with universal forwarding agents and intelligent indexing technology
  • Search all of the collected data – with powerful search and on-the-fly technology
  • Quickly generate realtime info for both IT and business people – through a powerful UI featuring dashboards and reports

I also call this Operational Intelligence.

More than 8400 clients all over the world, including many of the Fortune 100 companies, trust Splunk to enhance their service levels, reduce IT costs, avoid security risks and make their IT more transparent.

Why Splunk?

  1. Fast time-to-value, which can be installed and used in minutes (Cloud or On-Premises).
  2. 1 platform, several use cases – correlation over all data sources
  3. Insight into the entire IT stack – avoids tool silos

The Splunk approach to Machine Data


The emergence of Big Data has forced IT organisations to take a different approach to data. From structured to unstructured data. This is needed to be able to tackle the volumes and retain the required speed.

If you don’t know which data types you have to analyse tomorrow or which questions you want to ask in a week, you have to make sure that you are flexible. That is the strength of Splunk.

  • On-the-fly schedules – output without configuration
  • Searches – fast exploration of the data with advanced analytics options
  • Universal storage – makes it possible for you to store any type of data

Horizontal scaling on commodity hardware makes it possible for you to execute big data analytics!

Powerful output in a flexible UI

Index > Search > Results.

It is not enough to simply index the data and make it searchable: the output is at least as important.


Splunk makes it possible for you to answer the most pressing questions for each organisational division


  • IT Operations & Application teams want realtime information on how web infrastructure updates work in production and to solve problems before they have an impact on the end-user’s experience.
  • Marketing teams want an insight into how their website is used so that they can improve their sales campaigns.
  • Security teams want to identity fraud attempts and stop them before they have a major impact.
  • Business analyses want an insight into how the application is used in order to meet the requirements better in subsequent releases.

And this is just one data source!

The Splunk community

The strength of Splunk is found in its faithful group of fans who help users with questions at the community portal, but who have also built a huge number of apps on the Splunk platform.


Splunk for you too?

I can well imagine that you can’t wait to start using Splunk, so you’ll be interested to know that you can download a free version of it that you can use indefinitely. So what are you waiting for?

Do you have any other questions about Splunk’s setup or usage? You can always contact me!