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Optimum return on your online investment

Once your new website or web application is online, it’s very important to continue to maintain it. Performance and stability decline as time passes. Also, security gains in importance. After all, your business is always on the move, and the same applies to your online activities.

At the same time I can well imagine that you’re not entirely au fait with IT jargon like Application Performance Management, End User Monitoring and Performance Tuning. But Blue Factory Internet is. Indeed: I keep myself up-to-date with the very latest developments in these areas.

I can provide your organisation with continuous support for all of your technical issues concerning your online environment. I go for the highest possible return because your success is what matters most to me.

Accessible, flexible and stress-free!
A number of ways of working with me are set out below.

  • Project-basis With this method I will carry out the work for you based on a clear specification of the deliverables in advance, and for a fixed price. That way you always know how you stand and I’m not exposed to any risks.
  • Strip ticket You buy a number of strips (2 strips per hour) in advance. When you need some work done you contact me and we discuss how many strips it will cost. No messing about with invoices, and no monthly charges.
  • Subscription Routine work that has to be carried out monthly? We will offer you a suitable subscription that yields the best possible result.
  • Secondment Do you require certain skills and direct access to them? You can hire me to spend at least 1 day a week at your company to join in with projects or take on managerial tasks.

My hourly rate is 85 euros, not including VAT. This applies to the strip card and the secondment methods.

My services

Everything I do revolves around Application Performance. The services I provide are set out below.

Implementation of Performance Tools

An online environment that is always available and performs well is vital to online success. My many years of experience in Application Performance Management have given me knowledge of a wide range of the tools needed to look in all the right places. I take the full implementation of the tool out of your hands and ensure that your organisation can start using it in next to no time. My aim is not to become indispensable but to use and expand the knowledge already present in your organisation.

A complete process usually takes roughly the following form:

  • 1 day on-site assessment (requirements for the tool, IT management requirements, organisational maturity)
  • 2 days off-site writing an Action Plan (planning, setting up the tool infrastructure, training, etc.)
  • 10-20 days for implementation
  • 1-5 days for training

Management of Performance Tools

Based on the right figures I take the right actions to improve your online success. Now that we have used various tools to establish precisely where your visitors come from, what they do and how they experience the online environment, we can move on to the next step. The implemented tools work as automatically as possible and therefore require minimum configuration, but it’s still worth keeping an eye on them. Each tool can be adapted, and this is manual work. Each tool has to be given new versions, and you might want to keep the tools and their management completely outside of your organisation. I can help you with that! You can purchase the tool management in full as a Managed Service.

Frequent activities:

  • Configuration of custom metrics
  • Building up reports  and dashboards
  • Installation of updates
  • Complete management from the cloud

Maturity Assessment

Do you want to know where you are with the implementation of your monitoring strategy? It could be that you already know that you are at the beginning and are looking for ways of taking the next step. Or perhaps you are in the middle of the maturity ladder and want to take it to the next level. I combine my years of experience in this area with the CMMi maturity model to help you to improve the performance of the monitoring tools and I will also organise this for you. The higher the maturity level, the better able you are to respond to incidents in the application landscape. We decide together on the aim of the assessment.

The assessment is divided into 4 days. 1 day for interviews and having a look around. Then 2 days to write the report with conclusions and recommendations and, finally, 1 day for the final work and evaluation. The turnaround time for this assessment is 2 weeks. The interviews and guided tours take place on the Monday. Two weeks later the final presentation is given, also on the Monday.

  • A fresh outside look at your own organisation.
  • Conclusions and recommendations to move ahead!

Other ways of working together

  • Tool selection – Do you need a new APM solution? I can help you to select the right tool.
  • Scripting – Your APM solution needs modifications, or do you need scripts for your synthetic monitor solution? I can help you with the most commonly used tools. There’s no such thing as a stupid question!

Ready to start?

Contact me to find out how we can help you to meet your business targets by having the right analyses made with the best tools and then taking the related actions!