portret CoenSplunk is overwhelming for most organisations. The speed in which you can transform data from within Splunk to usefull dashboards is unprecedented. But what is usefull to display and how do we get the data into Splunk using the official Splunk best practices? That is where I come in!

What do I offer?

Companies with no or little knowledge of Splunk can hire me to build add-ons for Splunk.

  • Data onboarding add-ons from external systems (logfiles, REST API’s or any other datasource)
  • Dashboard add-ons inside Splunk (with or without advanced JavaScript visualisations)
  • Dashboard add-ons outside Splunk (build Splunk panels and use them in your own application)
  • Integration add-ons (use Splunk to store the data and query them from your own application)

I might miss a use-case but please, use the form to contact me and I am sure we can find a way to create the best, possible result.


Some words that fit Coen perfectly: driven, versatile, accurate and solid. It was really fun to work with Coen. His professional way of working has really made an impression. If Coen says he can do the job, you can count on him. I hope to work with him in the future – Ron Bocken, HP Consultant.

Accessible, flexible and stress-free! How do I work?

  • Fixed-price. Building Splunk add-ons can be scoped very well if the right data is available. For this kind of projects a fixed price is the best solution for both parties.
  • Remote work. I am based in the Netherlands, near the beautifull city of Utrecht, where I can work for every country across the globe. I use SaaS based project management tools so you can monitor your project 24*7. You can use Skype to contact me when I am available.

Want to work with me on your next Splunk success? Use the form below to contact me!

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