This is what I believe in and what I stand for!


An online presence has become indispensable to any business of today. Whereas 5 years ago we all went online with a website, these days that is not enough. A lot of contact takes place through social networks and clients use their smartphones and tablets more than their PCs and laptops. This mobility is also changing how people work. They have to be available at any time and in any place. The costs of an online presence are going down, but how do you make sure that your client and employee satisfaction improve? How do you make sure that the investment in a constant online presence is earned back by all concerned? Constant and fast availability is vital to preventing you from losing clients, and that’s where Blue Factory Internet comes in!


Blue Factory Internet ensures that companies are ALWAYS able to achieve commercial success online.

Our clients are companies that share the view that the right combination of offline and online presence is vital to their success. Using the best products on the market we help these clients to make the performance and availability of applications transparent and optimise them in a way that helps these companies to grow. We want to be seen as the right party to work with on the successful use of online services for a better result.

We believe that we can only be successful if both we and the client believe in the chosen approach. Working together to meet that aim is a very important aspect of this. Our people are 100% transparent about what they do. They set out to be the best at what they do and therefore like to work with people who are even better so that they can develop. Our drive, professionalism and can-do approach make it possible for us to help our clients to achieve their goals.