I like to work with the very best minds!

Blue Factory has a network filled with all sorts of specialists. But all of them have one thing in common: they are highly articulate entrepreneurs who are able to put themselves in the client’s shoes. Each and every one of these professionals understands that keeping promises is more important than making agreements about hours. Are you that type of entrepreneur? If so, join the Blue Factory network!

What do I offer?

At Blue Factory specialists are more than ‘human resources’. It is the professionals in my network who determine the quality and success of the assignment, and you reap the benefits of this. That is why I always look to agree on a longer-term collaboration. I’m also flexible, and focus on the client’s wishes and requirements. Do you take the same approach? If so, Blue Factory could be a good match for you and your work.

Our network

I’m always on the lookout for people who excel in their fields and who are willing to work in partnership on bringing larger projects to a successful conclusion. Are you a good fit for my organisation? If so, be sure to contact me!

More specifically, I’m currently seeking…

  • Splunk consultant
  • APM (NewRelic / AppDynamics / etc.) consultant
  • WordPress professional